I go by the moniker BEZERC ONE  of the infamous IMOK crew. 



My art is my voice and validation of my existence.  Art allows me to escape into my super subconscious. 

 My paintings convey the experience the freedom and exploration of my identity through out my life. The struggle and escape beyond conventual parameters.



 Influences are late 80s skateboard and graffitti art . 70s van / motorcycle art ,90s tattoo art low brow art. 

artists include: Salvador Dali, Picasso ,Monet , Art Deco movement/era ,Keith Harring, Frank Frazetta, Ralph Bashki, Hokusai to name a few. 


I'm a self taught artist but I've been painting and drawing since I was a child. 

 I can not remember any point in my life where I was'nt involved in art .I've always felt fortunate in that aspect .


I work in a full spectrum of materials,applications and styles there really hasn't been a medium or a motif I haven't explored.  


My last publication was Graffiti/Tattoo Vol. 2

From Here To Fame :publishing. 


I was one of 60 international artist featured in this book . Who are recognized to be the early pioneers in the graffitti/tattoo hybrid movement.    


I've been tattooing since 97, graffitti art since 87 but for the last decade I've done guest spots and traveling for tattooing. 

I'm an avid Aikikai /Iaido practitioner and sub instructor since 99 and a member of Birankai north America.I received my Shodan in 00 

 Im currently working on my Renshi title



I reside in Bridgeport ,Connecticut    




       Do you have questions, suggestions, requests, or do you want to make an appointment? Do you want me to create your own personalized piece of art for you? Feel free to contact me to see about making your request a reality.


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