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What's your name?

     ...My government name ?……..Really ? I'm …not at liberty to divulge such information for interviewing purposes...  ill stick with my moniker ....BEZERC 

Where are you from?     

      Im from BPT. CT. originally but i grew up in providence RI. moved to CT. in 85 i lived all over the east coast at one point in my life MASS. RI. NY.

When did you start writing? ….and why?    

     i would have to say late eighties early nineties is my era  . growing up i jus kept to myself at an early age in providence RI explore old rundown factories and pulling gears and gauges off of old machines i would skate down town providence lil mischief a bit of a menace  i cringe when i say this but yes urban exploration before it was popular before it became common place, graffiti/art took me to a lot of places it wasn't just a way to to pass time it was an escape for me it kept me sane on an even keel it was my voice my identity ….     

What did you write?      

     I wrote dune in the mid 80s ,cryze in late 80s up until 94, and then switched it up to bezerc in early 90s  then did so ever since 

Why do you write BEZERC?

     BEZERC came from having a sense of mental fortitude , you life shapes you ,it was trial by fire most of my life ..i evolved into BEZERC  

Are you still out there writing?   

    if you can call it that. i mean i catch myself doing a tags and pieces here and there but for the most part i try to focus on future projects and my paintings but i have moments where i feel like i need to get up. it never leaves the longing the desire to for the most part i really jus wanna do burners these days i prefer visual gymnastics to assassination of areas i feel like i can say more with a burner than jus fuck you with a tag or a throwie i respect street bombing tho i mean i understand why. I've been there ..i just want more from my art . 

When did you start tattooing? why? 

    so its the mid 90s, at this point in my life mid 20s and I'm still trying to do this art thing that is make a living off of it but to no avail i jus happen to be walking down chaple street in new haven ct and theres construction going on this front property i poked my head in and i thought it was gonna be a bar or club but it turns out it was a tattoo shop Its obvious to me who ever the owners were they were going big with it it was the first of its kind  so i immediately asked for a job and started tattooing there. by sheer luck i jus got into it i never set out to be a tattoo artist i jus ended up doing so   

Did you have a mentor? what was the mentoring process like?

    a mentor ? well not really, i mean i learned more through trial and error everything I've ever gotten has been through my own merit .i never really got much help from anyone .    

Who or what inspires you?

  Anyone that brings originality authenticity anything new to the table show me something i have not seen and I'm intrigued …you have my undivided attention


In your opinion what is the best work you ever did?   

  My best work is always when the client trust my interpretation of their ideas i know what I'm capable of so i know
how to convey their ideas into a timeless design....

What are you most well known for - a character? style?     

      STYLE !

Is life as a tattoo artist like being a rockstar?

     Yeah i like this question .for me, no!!!!!!! more like starving artist its kinda hard to make a living selling art in this economy  .....but then again my net working skills are not up to par  so then again that could be a factor …go figure

what's the best perk of your trade?

   I like when the tattoo is so well done that it actually changes some peoples attitude towards tattooing to the point that they would consider getting one .when you do that you contribute to the industry that is the least that i can do ...this life allowed me to pursue other things at the same time being your own boss is where its at ...    

Do you see similarities between your graffiti and your tattoo art?

    This is an interesting question well on a personal level there can be some similarities with out the risk of doing some bastardize pros and cons list i would have to say in tattooing its on you, you can't run or hide ,you are forever associated with that image or quote it speaks volumes mental state at the time your beliefs how you felt at the time and tattooing also changed the way that i draw thats where the hybrid style came from it evolved over time it jus became its own thing for me and contribution         

handstyle is everything



Started training in 1998.


AIKIKAI in 2000 got my shodan in 2007 .


Started teaching 2010 till 2012.


at large since 2013.


 PICTURED  Nakayama, Mitsuzuka ,Boyet ,myself


Started iaido training in 2000


Currently working on my RENSHI title since 2000




Organiztion  member of   BIRANKAI


At large since 2013



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